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University Libraries New Template

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The UNLV University Libraries have been using roughly the same design since 2005. In order to improve branding across our sites and make them easier to use, I have designed a new template that aims to serve as the basis for future Libraries websites.

I was involved in almost every step of this project, from selecting Drupal as the Content Management System, to designing the main template and coding the Drupal theme, to scheduling and editing the photography.

Preview of Southern Nevada: The Boomtown Years

Southern Nevada: The Boomtown Years

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Southern Nevada: The Boomtown Years features a rustic western design to fit the time period of the content housed within the collection.

This project saw the launch of dmMonocle, my JavaScript image viewer for digital collections, as well as several other handy JavaScript components, such as a simple date picker for advanced searches and search suggestions.

I'd highly recommend spending a few minutes browsing through the collection, it's an amazing exhibit of Nevada and American history!

Screenshot of University Libraries Mobile Site
A screenshot of the mobile journal search

University Libraries: Mobile Site

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With input from a group of librarians and staff, I took our full site map, distilled what I considered to be the most important information, and created a mobile website!

If you're interested in reading about the process, I've written three posts describing how I built the site at my Library blog.

Screenshot of dmMonocle


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Libraries across the country house Special Collections, which are rooms full of unique historical documents, from amazing photographs to menus to letters to hotel registries. Many libraries scan these documents and put them online where anyone can see them. The problem is that more often than not, viewing these documents is a real pain in the neck.

dmMonocle is my attempt to solve that problem. dmMonocle is an advanced viewer written in JavaScript which aims to make navigating photos and documents as easy as using Google Maps.

A screenshot of the University Libraries' Menus: The Art of Dining Home Page

Menus: The Art of Dining

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UNLV Libraries' Digital and Special Collections are essentially treasure troves of historic photography, letters, documents, and even Menus! From August 2009-2010, the Digital Collections team scanned over 1500 Menus for online display. I took all their hard work, and packaged it into an attractive online presence with the help of our talented usability specialist and application developer.

This was our first Digital Collection to use the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Drupal has helped our team work more efficiently while empowering librarians and staff to update the site in the future.

Screenshot of the College of Arts and Sciences IT Software Page

College of Arts and Sciences: Information Technology

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I created this design working for Spectral Fusion at the University of Montana, and although it's quite old, it exemplifies the the core principals I learned working for Spectral Fusion: sites should load quickly, using web standards (XHTML, CSS, and Unobtrusive JavaScript), and be accessible to all.

Picture of the University Libraries Howard Hughes Home Page

Howard Hughes

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If you want to know one thing about Vegas locals, know this: they absolute love Howard Hughes. Despite the fact that we advertise this collection less than newer collections, it is still our most visited digital collection. Because of its popularity, we launched a new design in November 2008. A combination of clean design and 50s kitch fonts, I tried to give the design and old feel while keeping the focus on the beautiful photographs on display.

Screenshot of Boys and Girls Club of the Ozarks Home Page

Boys and Girls Club of the Ozarks

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Another piece of history! This design shows off the freelance work I did while living in Springfield, Missouri. It's a fun design with vivid colors.

A screenshot of the Zootown Surfers homepage

Zootown Surfers

Zoo Town Surfers are a group of mad kayaker instructors from Missoula, MT. With a wicked rust and wood look, I was trying to give the site a gritty Montana feel that would appeal to the teenage audience Zoo Town Surfers wanted to reach.

Although I've done over 150 websites at this point, I've kept this old gem in my portfolio for one reason: It's the first design I did as a freelance designer. And it's always important to remember our roots!