Deep Thoughts

Overhauling WordPress Performance

7 Oct 2010

After launching my new site last week, I’ve wanted to take some time to step back and look at front and back-end performance. As some wise twitter sage recently said, “Simple + Measurable = Successful.” I couldn’t agree more. Simple Tools So we need simple tools to speed up our site. Luckily, WordPress is blessed [...]


Why I’m a CSS-preprocessor Fanboy

9 Sep 2010

I got a great question in my comments section about how Scaffold, a CSS-preprocessor, helps me keep my HTML free of non-semantic grid classes. This seems like a good time to discuss generally why, despite my initial skepticism, I’ve become a big fan of CSS-preprocessors, such as SASS, LESS, and Scaffold. So what exactly is [...]


Fight Recap: NodeKO

3 Sep 2010

This past weekend I had the honor of participating in the fearsome Rocky-IV-style hackathon that was Node Knockout. For those who may actually have a life: Node Knockout was a 48 hour competition featuring teams of hackers each pecking away at a web application that should be somewhat complete-ish after at the end of the two days. In [...]


Drupal Theming: Zen vs Tao

15 Apr 2010

If you, like me, are working on your first Drupal theme, a big question can be: Do I really need a base theme or should I start from scratch? This is an easy question to answer: start with a base theme. Why? Because even if you start from scratch, you really aren’t starting from scratch. [...]


Book Review: Advanced JavaScript by TJ Holowaychuck

29 Mar 2010

I’m not sure if it’s been done before, but I may very well be the first GitHub stalker (hold your applause, please). Who is my target you ask? Vision Media, aka TJ Holowaychuk on GitHub, author of ExpressJS, a Sinatra-inspired Web Framework written for NodeJS. After cloning and examining a lot of his repos (Use [...]


I heart Node.js

10 Mar 2010

Node.js is one of the most intriguing projects I’ve seen in a while. For some reason, I’ve never truly enjoyed programming until I started programming in JavaScript. I did the usual BASIC programming as a freshman in high school, and actually tried learning C a bit earlier when I was 12 (let’s just say it [...]


jQuery DOM Manipulation und Performance

10 Feb 2010

I’m not promising this blog is gonna be hot and spicy all the time, but It’s been a while since I posted, and I thought I would make it something geeky — performance tests! I swear I’m working on a new template for this site, and naturally it’s going to revolutionize web design. Unfortunately, skiing [...]


WordPress Polar Bear Club – Part 1

27 Jan 2010

I’d like to welcome you all to my first series of blog posts, where I’ll detail the steps I’m taking to customize my WordPress theme and plugins, turning this bland old default theme into a well designed site. I’ve never worked with WordPress, had a dusty old portfolio, and decided it was time to jump [...]